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Yoga Transformation Journey

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Aadhya Shakti


About Me

I am an entheogenic practitioner, Yin, Hatha, and Ashtanga Yoga teacher and for over 17 years a Yoga practitioner. On my spiritual way and journey of self-discovery, I opened up for myself amazing tools that helped me to develop consciousness, self-heal, expand my energetic field and reach to my hidden resources and potential. Getting curious and want to know more?
My mission is to share with you these amazing techniques and tools, to guide you through your transformational journey, to teach you how to activate your “self-healing button”, and to offer you a space for your inner evolution, healing, consciousness expansion, and self-discovery.
In our sessions, we will combine Yoga with meditations, self-programming, breath-work, sound-healing, embodiment techniques, and much much more.
Apart from that you can experience the most amazing shamanic medicines, by having private or group Ceremonies. Or get it all together by participating in intensive and life-changing Retreats and Yoga Weekends.
Join me and learn more about Yoga and healing practices, meet great people, build lifetime connections, and get more confidence and positive energy for your daily life.

Yoga Transformation Journey

Yoga is a way to self-awareness, fulfilment, inner balance and mental strength. If you practice it regularly, your body stays longer young, your mind remains clear and your energy flows.

With yoga you can cure stress, traumas and ease the symptoms of chronic illnesses. Yoga balances hormonal level of a body, strengthens immune system and keeps you in a good physical and mental shape. It unites your spirit, body and a mind.

Yoga is a spiritual practice. But it is also a philosophy and a life-style. The goal of yoga is not to achieve perfection, but to learn how to listen to yourself,  to your body and to your energy. It is a great practice to get to know yourself better and to become your best friend and healer. 

While practicing it, you will learn how to turn your focus inwards, how to direct your energy consciously and how to cultivate stillness of a mind.

I will guide you step by step on your yoga journey, will teach you how to rise your consciousness, how to connect to your subconscious mind through your body, how to tune into unlimited source of energy within yourself and how to become a best version of yourself by loving and accepting yourself fully and unconditionally.

Yoga Space

Yoga Master

444 /13 weeks
  • 17 Group Yoga Classes
  • 3 Individual Yoga Sessions
  • 3 Breathwork Sessions
  • Meditation Workshop
  • Cacao Ceremony

Yoga Lover

222 /7 weeks
  • 11 Group Yoga Classes
  • 1 Individual Yoga Session
  • 1 Breathwork Session
  • Meditation Workshop

Yoga Beginner

111 /5 weeks
  • 9 Group Yoga Classes
  • 1 Breathwork Session