What is Rapeh and how can it benefit you?


Rapeh is a plant-based medicine from the Amazon rainforest. Rapeh is a powder-like substance that contains mapacho (or other holy tobacco, that represents a Spirit of grand-father that connects and protects the one who is taking rapeh) and ashes of trees and plants, which are targeting particular or several energy centers at once.

It is been blown by a special pipe, called tepi, through the nose, and the effect lasts from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the art and strength of the rapeh. It is being used for centuries by shamans and tribes to accompany their ceremonies, expand consciousness, enter meditative states of mind, clear and strengthen the energy field, also to remove energy blocks. It has a lot of healing properties for the physical body as well and can help to prevent and cure allergies, sharpen memory, improve concentration, relax muscles, including the heart muscle, heal respitatory illnesses.

There are many arts of rapeh, each tribe has its own tradition of preparing it, but what is common for all of them, is the sacred energy it is been prepared with and the intention of healing, connection, and love for those who are going to use it.