What is Yin Yoga and why it is effective?

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Yin Yoga is a practice for relaxing and strengthening the nervous system and connecting deeper with ourselves. It is a revitalizing practice that can help us to move stuck energies, release emotions and boost our healing process. It is a perfect practice for empaths and energy-sensitive people. During Yin Yoga, we hold every position for 3 to 5 minutes: this allows us to see what is really happening within ourselves, become aware of emotions, and trace them back to their respective thoughts and sensations; then we can choose to let go or to change how we react to them. Yin Yoga targets the deeper connective tissues, which are normally not activated during yang practices. It aims at the meridians, blood vessels, and the brain; It improves the health of inner organs, such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and gall bladder. 

This yoga style can help you to reduce stress and anxiety, feel more at ease and turn your attention inwards. It is a relaxed, calm practice to feel more grounded and balance your day. If you are an empath or an energy-sensitive person, yin yoga can be a tool that can positively change your life. Yin Yoga is for people of every fitness level: both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners.

What do You need for practice?

Yoga matt, optionally you may want to use yoga blocks, bolster, meditation pillow and blanket for shavasana. For the practice wear any comfortable warm clothes and do not eat for at least 1-2 hours before the start.

How does Yin Yoga class look like?

Our Yin Yoga class will start with a Meditation (which can also be acompanied by singing bowls or mantra chanting to target certain energy centers that we will be working on). We will set an intention for each practice. After meditation we will do Asanas, which we will hold from 3 to 5 minutes each. After that we will go into Shavasana and do a Closing Meditation.

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Yoga Master

444 / 13 weeks
  • 17 Group Yoga Classes
  • 3 Individual Yoga Sessions
  • 3 Breathwork Sessions
  • Meditation Workshop
  • Cacao Ceremony

Yoga Lover

222 / 7 weeks
  • 11 Group Yoga Classes
  • 1 Individual Yoga Session
  • 1 Breathwork Session
  • Meditation Workshop

Yoga Beginner

111 / 5 weeks
  • 9 Group Yoga Classes
  • 1 Breathwork Session